Ah, Bali... A wonderful place nestled just below the equator in the glorious state of Indonesia ! If you close your eyes and imagine the quiet lulling sound of the surf, the gentle rustling of the wind through the palm trees, the azure sea flowing on the horizon into the stunning blue sky - you'll surely understand what I mean! A true paradise on earth, where, like secret lovers, the Pacific and the Indian Oceans meet. Where else but in this hot and wildly romantic place could our Strip Club be situated? Nestled on the crown jewel of numerous islands our Strip Club is the diamond that perches on top of Indonesia's centerpiece! Light relaxing interior, smoothly flowing from unobtrusive flirting to passionate and frank intimacy. Graceful dancers who can take you far, far away and for a long time in the fascinating worlds of lust and debauchery. Pleasant live music from the famous stars of the modern music industry proven in the world venues. Exquisite dishes by Chef, the owner of three Michelin stars will satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmets. The impressive bar list will please with a variety and will bring the necessary sparkle into your evening, allowing you to finally loosen up and be yourself. For self-confident gentlemen we have separate gaming areas where you can try your luck and pull the "one-armed pirate" or place everything on Zero. And of course we should not forget about the privileged status of all our guests, who are the owners of nft! Absolutely right. - For them, we have special events that take place weekly and monthly on a regular basis, such as: "Night of the Naked," "Girls on top," "Yes, my master" and others. - Private parties with special guests from the OF and Pornhub world!- Top floor VIP room with a great view of the blue lagoon of Suluban Beach, exclusive menu and bar list ! - Super VIP room for the most hardcore fans ! Here you can be anyone - a predator or a victim, a master or a slave. The most important thing is to be yourself. For the most generous we have prepared a separate raffle with impressive prizes, more details about which you can learn from the organizers of the club.And so, I think you have already realized where you must visit in life, and where you would like to go after death. If Heaven on Earth is Bali, then Heaven on Bali is a strip club. Let me be a douche for a moment and tell you that rapidly expanding meta-universes can compete with the speed of Usain Bolt on the hundred meters, and this means that we are facing new unexplored opportunities of this unique in its structure and content world. I can already sense in you an extraordinary impulse of discovering adventurism, so I want to rejoice you - in the corners of even such incomprehensible to the majority, but surprisingly interesting metacommunity, there is a place for such a useful and necessary thing for us like a spectacle What am I talking about? Of course, about the new first of its kind Strip Club in the meta universe! Our team seriously approached the matter and at the output we have a completely new approach, new platform and absolutely unique mechanisms of interaction with it. Now, from anywhere in the world, on any device you can get access to virtual pleasures of all kinds and categories, from the most innocent to the frankly impossible in the real world. Satisfy your inner pervert! Get your imagination working at full power, throw aside your complexes and prejudices, forget about the norms of behavior and morality. And most importantly - find like-minded people, the same desperate travelers on the vast expanses of the meta universe! Exchange data! Take risks - what is adventure without risk?
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