Absolutely randomly assembled team who are tired of working for uncles. In our team there is an atmosphere of full equality and harmony. We are united by a desire to learn, love for our lazy brothers, and of course, an irrepressible passion for contemplation and creation of all and everything.
TONY FOUNDER Our founder. Was on top of Mount Olympus, at the very clouds, but, like Prometheus, decided to return, giving people the fire of pleasure in the " 18+" world, successfully developing the meta universe ES. Extremely irritable, better not to go hungry, do not look too much in the eye, secretly - esteem. GREG STRATEGY The most beautiful member of the team. Can build a whole castle out of marshmallows. Even if no one asked him to. Seriously, dude, why?! Extremely responsible, which sometimes infuriates.
Mr. Own WEB DIRECTOR Another handsome member of our team. Started to draw before he could talk, which soon found out all the local fences. Extremely punctual, likes to sleep. By the way, where is he ...?
Yorky COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT LEAD Can get a crowd going in a jiffy. Won't let go of the phone even when he's sleeping. Has abnormally long thumbs, like a ...sloth!
Hoppe ILLUSTRATOR Extremely gifted. Her signature weapon is the brush ! She'll shut you up to death or give you a tushy to your heart. Insolent, harsh, extremely unbalanced. Keeps the whole office in fear. Oksy FASHION DESIGNER Another great representative of our team. All of us are pretty, but Oksy could live in Paris or London, if she wanted to. However, she chose us, for which she gets a big, unspeakable thanks. It's better not to approach while she's holding scissors in her hands. Especially if you're a guy.
ROBBERTO DIRECTOR OF A STRIP CLUB Former OnlyFans model. Sexy, charming. Took part in the opening of some strip clubs. Signed all the Kardashians' buttocks. Literally, all of them. If you need change for 100 bucks, that's him. RAYAN HEAD MODERATOR The one and only representative of LGTBQ+ who is trying to find himself in this fickle and cruel world, but so far has found only good and benevolent us. Best not to drop the soap in front of him. And if you do?...well.... bear with it or enjoy it.
COWBOY COPYWRITER Sharpest tongue in the wild west. Knows a thousand and one ways to do nothing while doing nothing. Particularly dangerous during breeding season. Character's nasty. Married. As Stephen King said, "What the hell are you doing in my house?"

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